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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Give me some cheese!

I don’t think there is anything, I mean anything, I love more than cheese. I can honestly say there isn’t a cheese I’ve met that I haven’t liked. My favorite part of lasagna? The gooey, almost crispy cheese on top. I save it for last and then it all at once to savor its splendor. I’ve also been known to deconstruct my pizza and save the cheese to eat for last as well. And I don’t mean one piece; I’ll eat two or three pieces and THEN eat all my awaiting cheese. This generally leads to strange looks, so I tend to avoid going this in restaurants.

So yea, you could say I love cheese.

If I think back to childhood, I think there are a few foods that are sort of staples for any kid. Hot dogs, tater tots, pizza, PB&J, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Thinking back to my own childhood, I can remember my great aunt making my sister and I grilled cheese sandwiches wrapped in foil and melted with an iron. Totally old school. I should do an experiment some day and make two grilled cheeses, one in a pan and the other by iron to compare the results.

Ok, back on track here. Each morning as I arrive to work, I have a routine of sorts. Check email, check voicemail, and see if any news articles seem important/interesting…. Then at some point I start to actually work. But today on Msn’s homepage, an article caught my eye: Grilled cheese sandwiches to swoon over.

Needless to say, the title sucked me in. You can check it out too, here. Sure, everyone loves to add bacon or tomato to a grilled cheese every now and then, but these ideas go beyond that. One even includes zucchini!

For whatever reason, chefs/cooks/foodies love to take a simple staple and bring it up a notch, or take it to a new level. Nick over at Macheesmo, another food blog, even runs Grilled Cheese Trials attempting to find the “perfect” recipe for a grilled cheese. We have long been fascinated with the grilled cheese since its invention in the 1920’s, and today we even have a Grilled Cheese Invitational which started in 2003.

In our house, we generally go simple with our grilled cheese. In fact, once I tried to snazzy it up a bit and BD mocked me for it. He had to make his own grilled cheese that night.

Still, whatever the reason, whether it’s all about the cheese, or simply trying to recapture a little bit of our childhood, I’m all for it. Because, I love cheese.

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