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Sunday, January 24, 2010

And Print!

New Feature: Print Option

Since I started this blog, I've spent a great deal of time perusing other food, cooking, and recipe blogs. This has been really insightful and given me a ton of great ideas on things I want to do here. And it’s also made me curse my stupid camera, feel like a total food blog noob, and wonder how I could ever live up to some incredibly high standards. Some of the pictures are purely mouth-watering. While someday I plan on getting a better camera, I am not a photographer or food stylist. Hopefully with time and practice I'll at least become decent at it.

Anyway, one of the features I've seen on some other blogs is a print option for recipes. This was definitely something I wanted to add here, just in case someone was brave enough to give a recipe of mine a chance. It took me several weeks of trying to figure out how to add this feature, and several failed attempts but I finally figured it out! As of this post, I would say that about 95% of my posts have this option. I’ve slowly been making the conversions and I should be finished soon.

I’ve got quite a long list of other features to add (eventually) that I think will make this little blog more user-friendly. Please let me know what you think, and if you have any great ideas please let me know!

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