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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Because I’m sure you are dying to know…

About me:
I’m a cook - a home grown cook- not a professional chef. I’m entering into my late 20’s (sigh), I live in the Tampa Bay area, and I’m originally from New England. I have an over-time job, a full-time boyfriend, and I take classes part-time towards my 2nd degree. I started cooking/baking when I was about 8 or 9 and I haven’t stopped since. I have an unrelenting love and passion for all things food. I love to cook, eat, and explore food (and drink!) of all kinds. I probably think about food as much as a teenage boy thinks about sex.

About the blog:
When I started this blog (May 2009) it was because I needed a hobby, and I thought it will be a good excuse to finally write down/keep track of the hundreds of recipes in my head. This has proven to be quite a challenge and no easy task! I was always a pinch or this or a handful of that kinda girl. Even though this blog will be mostly recipes, there will still be a hodgepodge of various things related to food that interest me in some way.

About the food:
I’ve been told I’m all about the comfort food, which I think is ok. Whether I’m making a salad or macaroni and cheese, I want my food to not only stifle my hungry belly, but to feed my soul as well. To me, that is comfort food… and was a totally corny thing to say. Here you will find food that I cook in my home at any given time. This will not be the place to find ribs with a jagermeister and dandelion infusion. While I’m sure there will be some more trendy, complex, or contemporary dishes every once in a while, my food is mostly simple and easy to prepare. Nonetheless it will certainly taste amazing, or at least I will think so.

About the recipes:
Unless I’m baking, I hardly ever follow a recipe exactly. I think they are great for learning how to cook something completely new, or for some inspiration, but in the end I always end up putting my own spin on it. When I am making something that I plan on posting, I will be writing the recipes as I go. I’ll try and get them as exact as possible, but feel free to adapt them to your own tastes as needed. Also, if I used a recipe from somewhere I will try to reference it the best I can.

About the name:
I’ve been ask how I came up with the name a lot. “Kitten with a Whisk” is a play on words from “Kitten with a Whip”, which was book and then movie in the 1960’s. ‘Kitten’ is also a throwback term form the 50’s for a young female, and is a term of endearment within my circle of friends. I’ve always liked the phrase “Kitten with a Whip”, so swapped whisk and whip. I tend to be sassy and feisty so it seemed to fit.

A personal note:
Thank you so much for coming to my little site! I hope you find some things here that interest you, learn something new, or find a great recipe. If you ever have any comments, questions, or constructive criticism please feel free to email me at kittenwhisk @ yahoo {dot} com.


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