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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Whisking Things Off!

This blog is going to be an inspiration and a challenge. I've toyed with the idea of blogging for quite a while now but have really lacked the focus, time and ambition to do so. Not to mention I was trying to figure out WHAT I would exactly blog about. Maybe Love? Who wants to hear me whine all day? Money? Yea, right. My writing? I'm not THAT ready for open criticism. So I have turned to one of the things that I probably enjoy way more than I should - FOOD. (Like the blogosphere needs another food blog!) I love all things food. I'm a huge foodie but probably not a Food Snob. I love the "dark" side of food too much.

So I think the bulk of this blog will be recipe focused. Why? Because I love to cook and its one of the few things I will admit to being good at. I also plan on having other types of posts but we'll see how it all fleshes itself out.

Happy Whisking!

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