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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Appetizer Poll - Come into my kitchen!

This coming weekend Brent and I are going to a family gathering and I’ve been recruited to bring an appetizer.

All week I’ve been brainstorming on which appetizer to bring when all of a sudden a little light bulb went off:

Why don’t I ask YOU!

So below are a few that I think would be a hit (even though Brent’s brother will be upset I’m not making these) and you guys will pick the winner! I’m keeping the items slightly vague so I have a little wiggle room for the final result.

So please vote! I’ll have the poll open until Friday night.

And the nominees are:

Stuffed MushroomsWill be stuffed with sausage and cheese. This is one of Brent’s favorites.

Cheese SpreadThis is one of the easiest appetizers I make and has a ton of flavor.

Mini Party MeatballsMany options here, but I promise they will be yummy.

EmpanadasBeef? Chicken? Chorizo? I haven’t made my mind up yet! If you vote and have a preference let me know in the comments.

Poll is located to the right at the top of the page.

Thanks for your help!

UPDATE 10/23: SO after looking at the poll results, stuffed mushrooms and meatballs were tied with 4 each and empanadas had 3 votes. However, after reviewing the comments I realized this didn't add up. I'm guessing people were just voting in the comment section instead of in the poll widget. Since it was tied, I added in the comment votes as well...which created another tie between mushrooms and empanadas. I gave the tie breaking vote to Brent and he voted for beef empanadas! I'll be making them tomorrow and will have the recipe up later this week.

Thanks to everyone that voted! If your favortie didn't make it, don't worry I'll be sure to make the mushrooms soon and will share the recipe then!


Food, she thought. said...

I'm a meatball 'ho, mmself.

Kacey said...

Although I can never pass up stuffed mushrooms (actually, I've been known to clear a plate of them alone!), I think I would have to say EMPANADAS on this one! Chorizo Empanadas are what I would hope you would bring over my house!

Taylor said...

I always love stuffed mushrooms! Another really yummy and simple idea: bacon wrapped dates...they were a huge hit when I served them at a dinner party!

AllThingsYummy said...

Empanadas! Definitely Empanadas. Soooo yummy and always a favorite.

Chef Bee said...

I vote for pumpkin empanadas. They are seasonal and I always go home with an empty serving tray.

Plan B

Simply Life said...

oh they all sound great but my vote is for the stuffed mushrooms - yum!

Brownieville Girl said...

Empanadas for me too!!!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Can I vote for all of them!!!!!!??? Mmmm, I guess stuffed mushrooms if I must pick!

Jenniffer said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed reading through some of your post. I vote for beef empanadas too!

blackbookkitchendiaries said...

i vote for the stuffed mushrooms:) they are my favorite!

{oc cottage} said...

Get out of here! I LOVE your blog name!

m ^..^

À LA GRAHAM said...

Shoot I am too late! I would have voted for the mushrooms. Another super easy one is chicken wrapped in bacon with a little red pepper...I have it on my blog...its one of my favorites!

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