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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Sweet Tooth

I should be doing homework but eh, who cares? Yesterday, my day started off with a sleepy boyfriend asking for breakfast - in bed no less. I had my heart set on making a new dish that I stumbled across not too long ago but he wanted a Breakfast Burrito. We raged in a foodie battle for what seemed like hours when your tummy is growling, your hungover and you want what you want.

He won, I lost. I'm too easy. They ended up being meh. We were out of some of the usual ingredients for them. I should have just made what I wanted.

Today, I finally caved into my weakness of Junk Food and the pop can of Pillsbury Cinabon Cinnamon Rolls in the fridge. Man.... these things are dangerous. I have a great recipe for cinnamon rolls but when your lazy and in a sleepy daze...these things will fill in nicely.

I popped the can, (I secretly love popping it by smacking it on the edge of the counter) sprayed some cooking spray (butter flavored of course) on the cookie sheet and threw them in. This is what I sometimes call "fake-out baking" when you just throw what ever you want on a cookie sheet and into the fire. Nothing wrong with it but baking is usually a LOT more labor intensive than that.

Now the house smells like a cinnamon wonderland and all of a sudden I am thinking about snow falling and Christmas lights....Its 88 degrees today! So my cinnamon rolls are "baking" and I've got a nice glass of milk chilling in the freezer. I think there are few drinks that satisfy me more than a nice glass of really cold milk.

All I need to do is frost those babies down with icing after they come out of the oven and life will be simply divine for the 2.3 minutes it will take me to devour one.

5 minutes later.....

Call me crazy but these are better than I remember. I can't figure out if its because I haven't had them in about 6 or 7 years or because I really wanted a cinnamon roll. They puffed up nicely and the middle was soft, gooey and sticky just as it should be. I've got cinnamon and sugar all over my fingers....mmmmm.

Now its time for a Red Bull and some homework.

Happy Sunday!


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