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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kitten with a Whisk Investigates

BD and I were having a conversation the other night regarding Hamburgers. I asked my "know-it-all" boyfriend why it was called a hamburger when there is no ham in it. Why this never occurred to me before... I can't say. Furthermore, I can't believe I didn't already know the answer. Especially when I exercised my favorite thing to do when in search of the truth - Google it!

I love Google - it almost never fails me.

Here is what I learned: (In a very short and sweet version)
Hamburgers are said to come from Hamburg, Germany. Eventually the Germans made their way here, bringing hamburger steak with them which soon lead to making a sandwich of the meal. Wow, simple and logical. Who knew?

BD said when he was little he thought they were called HANDBURGERS because you ate them with your hand. Too cute.

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