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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dinner time in the kitchen

I officially have a new sous chef...

His name is Gravy. He’s a 3 month old puppy and is uber cute.

Did I mention we already have 3 other pets? Two cats and another puppy.

I feed them each day and they love me for that. The dogs gather by my feet and the cats perch on the ledge above the stove, waiting as patiently as they possible can. It's the same routine every day, twice a day.

Spooky was our first pet. We found her four years ago as a tiny kitten on Halloween night. Hence, the name Spooky. She was covered in dirt and axle grease. We fed her tuna, gave her a bath, and a home.

Annoyed that dinner is taking so long

OJ was our next cat and another stray in the area. We’ve only had him since January and I like to say that he adopted us. He purrs louder than Brent snores.

He doesn't take his eye of his dinner bowl

Rosco is my baby. Brent surprised me with him as a Valentine’s Day present this year. He was a BIG surprise. He will be a year old in December and he was only 3 pounds when Brent brought him home.

The happiest puppy I've ever met

Gravy… the most recent addition. Brent's friend had him, but circumstances changed and they needed to find another home for him. At first I was really against it, but he's a good fit to our barn home.

See why I couldn't say no?

I've told Brent no more pets, not even a hermit crab.


Cassie said...

Your pets are adorable, and they have the best names EVER!

TESOL certification said...

Gravy sounded cool for an adorable pet dog name!

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