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Monday, July 20, 2009

NOT A Food Network Star

Don't get me wrong - I love the Food Network. It's one of those channels that when I'm looking for something to watch I automatically check to see what's on. However, on this particular day - there wasn't anything on... so I surfed. I came across a show on FitTV (honestly, I didn't even know this channel existed) called Just Cook This! with Sam the Cooking Guy. I saw gnocchi on the screen so I was intrigued and settled in for awhile. Before I knew it I was sucked into a mini-marathon of Just Cook This!
Sam the Cooking Guy
(Photo Courtesy of

There is nothing overly exciting about Sam, or his food, but that's what I kinda like about him. He comes off as very relatable, easy-going, and regular guy that wants to show everyone how to cook something good. In short, his "Culinary Point of View" is very similar to mine: Cooking doesn't have to be hard, and food doesn't have to be really fancy to be great food. Well that's what I got from it anyway. Plus, he is a smart-ass which kinda keeps it interesting.
I've linked his Website so you can check him out: Sam the Cooking Guy


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